• What makes iPR Ogilvy & Mather unique?

    We regard our clients as long-term partners. Therefore, we have a vested interest in our clients’ success and a greater motivation to perform beyond their expectations with unsurpassed services. Backed by a global network, iPR Ogilvy & Mather provides value-added services and generates long-term value for its clients. We function as an effective bridge between our client companies and their target audience, and provide a one-stop solution to satisfy all the needs in corporate communications. Our scope of services encompasses public relations, investor relations, branding, promotion of client companies’ products and services, internal corporate communications, business-to-business marketing and message development.

  • What is the relationship between iPR Ogilvy & Mather and Ogilvy & Mather?

    iPR Ogilvy & Mather belongs to Ogilvy Public Relations, which is a full-service agency, and provides a one-stop solution for our clients in investor and media relations. We garner insights of important investment decision makers and influential figures in order to design and convey our clients' investment story and key messages effectively. As part of a large international network, iPR Ogilvy & Mather is able to work with Ogilvy Public Relations’ other offices around the world, thus providing far-reaching services internationally.

  • How can iPR Ogilvy & Mather help my company with its listing?

    iPR Ogilvy & Mather rallies support in the capital market for a company’s listing by nurturing a positive public perception of the listing candidate. It does so with an elaborate public relations campaign and its well-developed connections in the financial community. Our work includes developing a compelling investment story and key message, helping our clients get in touch with the target investors, media relations, branding, writing marketing materials and organizing events. All of these aim at arousing the target audience’s interest in the client company and communicating the client’s key messages to it effectively.

  • What types of services does iPR Ogilvy & Mather provide after a company's listing?

    Success with an initial public offering only marks a good beginning of the long-run work of maintaining relations with investors and media for a reasonable valuation. iPR Ogilvy & Mather evokes and maintains public and investor interest in its client companies and helps them attain positive public perception through a series of work, including achieving sell-side coverage, analyst meeting preparation, coaching in corporate governance, coaching in media relations, producing fact sheets, feedback reports, perception studies, production of presentations and earnings reports, etc.

  • How can iPR Ogilvy & Mather help my company promote itself and its products and services?

    Specializing in managing communications and perceptions with a coherent strategy and tactical excellence, iPR Ogilvy & Mather has solid knowledge and experience in devising and organizing corporate activities and marketing campaigns as well as event management. Notably, it has developed a strong media network and expertise in corporate communications and marketing campaigns of a number of fields including the consumer, technology and public sectors. It also provides practical strategic counsels on how to leverage traditional and social media to achieve desired results. We pride ourselves in our proactive and creative approach to corporate and marketing communications which are cost-efficient and result-oriented.