SOGO HONG KONG CO., LTD (or “SOGO”) commenced its operations in 1985, the largest Japanese-style department store. SOGO is one of the major shopping landmarks for Hong Kong people and tourists. SOGO is characterized by the “one-stop shop”, “shop-in-shop”, “Japanese style” and “customer oriented” concepts, which offer quality goods and services, customer convenience, and comfortable and pleasurable shopping environment. Throughout the years, SOGO has experienced continuous expansion. With its aim to creating the best and most ideal shopping environment for its shoppers, SOGO underwent major renovation and expansion and become Jumbo SOGO in 1993. SOGO has a dimension of 400,000 sq. ft., compared to 120,000 sq. ft. when it was first established. On 15 April 2004, Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, the holding company of SOGO, was successfully listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.