Brand Building and
Reputation Management

Are you trying to differentiate your company from the myriad competitors or to make a good impression on the target market or stakeholders? Be it building brand to enhance your company’s market presence or maintaining its reputation in a crisis, iPR Ogilvy & Mather’s experienced corporate and marketing communication specialists are here to walk you through the process:

  1. Corporate branding, positioning and message development
  2. Presentation skills workshop
  3. Speaking opportunities at leading business and trade events
  4. Media skills workshop
  5. Crisis and issue management
  6. Internal communications

Whether you are advancing an issue, promulgating a cause or launching a new product, iPR Ogilvy & Mather’s team creates collaborative programs for you to motivate and mobilize the target audiences. The marketing programs help prospective business partners, customers and stakeholders grasp your company’s key message and positioning, thus building or reinforcing your company’s relationships with them for long-term development. They include:

  1. Business-to-business marketing
  2. Trade targeted programs
  3. Partnership development
  4. Event marketing and management
  5. Exhibitions/roadshows/seminars
  6. Company and product launches
  7. Special events
  8. Consumer marketing
  9. Product marketing and promotions
  10. Printing and production
  11. Direct marketing
  12. Media planning and placement